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DAIKIN Inverter Technology, Premium Cargo Care and Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Based on the technologies that established the high reliability and performance of the LXE Series in the container refrigeration market, ZESTIA is a new container refrigeration unit featuring a DC inverter compressor that enables further reductions in operating costs.

High Capacity and Energy-Saving Control with the New DC Inverter Compressor

Over 3 million Daikin DC inverter compressors have been supplied and are proving their performance, reliability and quality in the air conditioner market.

What is an Inverter?

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A container refrigeration unit’s compressor is driven by a motor that rotates at a speed determined by the frequency of the electrical power supply. An inverter system controls the compressor rotation speed by changing the power supply frequency and provides precise temperature control with low power consumption.

Inverter/Non-inverter temperature control*

AwardDAIKIN Patented Motor, the Key to High-Efficiency Operation

DAIKIN Patented Motor features powerful neodymium magnets that improve motor efficiency at all rotational speeds for energy-saving operation, particularly during the operation at low frequencies.

Efficiency of DAIKIN Patented Motor*

Top Class Energy Saving

High-efficiency control with inverter technology

High energy saving is what you would expect from DAIKIN, the world’s No.1 air conditioner maker. As well as reducing total operating costs, and reducing CO2 emissions, the inverter technology also contributes to the prevention of global warming.

Top classTwo-speed condenser and evaporator fan motor for improved condensation performance

High energy-saving performance and fine, stable temperature control maintain the freshness and high quality of items during shipping.


Restrain a start electric current by controlling number of revolutions with the inverter and reduce the burden of power supply facilities

Reduce a start electric current by gradually raising the number of revolutions of the DC inverter compressor

Stable operation under the bad area of power supply circumstances and it reduces the influence on power supply facilities

It is shipped with an AC reactor and removes the harmonics of the power supply line

With the Proven Features of the LXE Series

  • Scroll Compressor
  • In-house Manufacturing
  • Hot Gas Defrost & Dehumidification
  • Auto Pump Down

* Data are based on studies conducted under controlled conditions at a Daikin laboratory using Daikin products.