Daikin Reefer Container Refrigeration

Daikin Reefer, part of Daikin Industries Ltd. Container Refrigeration - a degree smarter

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-Use Controller with Full-Dot Matrix LCD

Controller with LCD and backlight gives a clearer view and simplifies operations.


Current Display

After start-up, the display automatically switches to the current display. It gives basic information such as settings and operating conditions.

Menu Display

The full-dot Matrix LCD enables display of a wide range of information on a single screen, making it easier to move on to the next operation.

USB memory download and software upload

Eliminates the need to take a PC to the worksite and greatly reduces download time.

Easy, at-a-glance I/O board checking

LEDs make it easier to check failed parts and avoid misjudgement of problem parts.