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September 11, 2006

Daikin celebrates sale of 75,000th unit

Daikin celebrates milestone orders

Daikin, the Japanese-headquartered manufacturer of container refrigeration machinery, has recently celebrated three significant milestones: the delivery of its 70,000th LXE10E scroll compressor unit, its first major leasing order and the first customer for units fitted with the Daikin Temperature Management System.

Daikin, the second largest supplier of machinery to the global reefer container industry, delivered its 70,000th LXE10E scroll unit this July. The unit was part of a batch ordered by a major global carrier.

In the same month, the company also secured its first business with Carlisle Leasing International, the largest reefer container leasing company in the world. Carlisle ordered 1,450 Daikin LXE10E scroll compressor units for use on newbuild reefer boxes under production by CIMC in China. The order was due to be completed by the end of August.

The majority of the new equipment is destined for use on reefer boxes to be leased by a major Japanese shipping line. The carrier already equips much of its owned reefer equipment fleet with Daikin refrigeration units and, thanks to this move, can also now lease boxes fitted with its preferred machine.

Established in 1993, Carlisle is the only major international leasing company to focus on refrigerated containers and related equipment. The company says that the Daikin transaction is “consistent with our ongoing focus upon providing refrigerated leasing solutions in response to our customers’ requirements.”

The leasing sector accounts for some 20-30% of the reefer machinery market worldwide and Daikin is delighted to have secured the world’s leading lessor of refrigerated containers as its first major customer in this sector.  Daikin expects this development to be repeated by other reefer leasing companies, allowing the company to even up the competitive playing field among suppliers to the leasing sector and provide more choice in the refrigerated container market.

In May, Royal Arctic Line A/S became the first customer for the Daikin Temperature Management System (DTMS), when it acquired 125 units equipped with the innovative system.

Developed for use with the LXE10E unit and officially unveiled at last year’s Intermodal show, DTMS is a new type of control logic that significantly improves refrigeration performance by continually monitoring both supply-air and return-air temperatures, together with their rate of change.  The real time monitoring and adjustment ensures that machines operate at optimum efficiency, reducing power consumption by 25-50% compared to a standard refrigeration unit. DTMS also improves conditions for chilled cargo carriage, particularly in reducing produce dehydration.

“We are using DTMS when we ship fresh vegetable from Denmark to Greenland, and between 13 different terminals in Greenland, and can therefore save power without sacrificing the quality of the commodity,” explains Jens Nielsen, Technical Manager for Royal Arctic Line.
A number of other shipping lines in Asia and Europe are now finalising their own DTMS trials and Daikin reports that these in-house tests have confirmed 25% – 50% reduction in power consumption.

Caption: Royal Arctic Line A/S has become the first customer for the Daikin Temperature Management System, developed to further improve the refrigeration performance of Daikin’s LXE10E scroll compressor machine.

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